• Commercial Real Estate Leases

    A New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Attorney who will help you:
    * Draft Letters of Intent
    * Negotiate a commercial lease
    * Draft a commercial lease
    * Review and provide you with a detailed analysis of the terms                                                                                                                           * Representation includes: office leases; retail leases and warehouse leases

    Commercial Real Estate Leases
  • Buying a Franchise

    A New Jersey Franchise Attorney who will provide you with critical legal and business advise. Franchise Disclosure Documents and Contracts are large and complex. Let me help you through the process.

    Buying a Franchise
  • Business Attorney

     A New Jersey Business Attorney who will help you cost effectively:
    * Form a business
    * Buy a business
    * Sell a business
    * Resolve an employee dispute
    * Handle contract matters
    * act as your company’s Corporate Attorney

    Business Attorney
  • Home Improvement Contracts

    Contractors who do any form of work in or around your residence exceeding $500 must use a written contract that complies with the Contractor’s Registration Act and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. Have a dispute? With strong legal representation, your claim may include reimbursement of your attorney fees and triple damages.

    Home Improvement Contracts

New Jersey commercial lease contracts
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New Jersey franchise contracts
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NJ business contracts and employment issues
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NJ home improvement Consumer fraud attorney
Has a Contractor ripped you off for more than $500 dollars, shoddy or incomplete work? click here to learn more about how I can help you recover your money